Canadian Meteorite Encrusted in Hieroglyphs

I wanted to share a report made late last year by TW Patterson in Chen Valley citizen’s con. It was the retelling of an event that initially occurred in 1908.

Managing to make front-page news in many outlets worldwide entitled a message from Mars on a Thursday morning like any other will McKinnon the 14-year-old.

Son of Mr. Angus McKinnon underwent a most startling of experiences while working with his father in their garden. At about 11 o’clock, a meteorite would strike the ground just meters from where the lad was standing, thinking a train was.

Approaching the boy and his father continued to work, not realizing that it was an approaching meteor burning through the atmosphere reported by many residents who said the object shot through the sky towards.

MacKinnon’s residence shattered large tree branches on its estimated 40-degree approach with their garden creating a large crater in the earth upon impact, presumably sending young will his father and a large amount of the planet hurtling through the air. When they eventually retrieved the object, the family.

Discovered something truly remarkable about the meteorite. Whatever this object was, it appeared to be coated in the form of hieroglyphics.

Angus McKinnon tried for some time to interpret the meaning of the markings on the stone, presumably utterly perplexed by the event and the subsequent gift from the heavens, an object he could personally confirm as authentic, eventually admitting defeat.

Stating he would be glad if someone who knows these things would try to help him out. A month later, it was reported that the Department of Mines and geological surveys in Ottawa were seeking to quote further particulars regarding the event.

Angus reported such detailed analysis was carried out on his property. The questions included an offer of purchase if terms could be arranged. These terms may have included the MacKinnon family’s agreement to speak of the matter no further because whether this meteor did make it to Ottawa is unknown. The story was not chased up any further the suspected meteorite would disappear from the public.

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