Ancient Alien Spaceship Found In Oklahoma

The following amazing story was published on a view zone site by David Campbell. It was a report about an incredible find in Oklahoma later pursued by David and his wife on location. Although the story received very little media attention, we found the details and photographs of the event extremely interesting.


Especially when we considered our previous research on waffle rock, a half-buried suspected fragment resting where it struck the earth all those years ago. But it is now submerged underwater due to a controversial reservoir project that swallowed the stone and the town that had grown up around it.

And after several hours of searching the woods, they came across an extremely strange-looking, possibly cyclopean wall; their initial investigations perplexed them because they had never seen ancient stone structured in such a way; they strongly suspected that it was of artificial origin due to the small apparent stones tightly interlocking which made up its structure; it wasn’t until they climbed atop that they must have realized the true scale of their discovery from the other side.

The stones appeared to be a highly complex arrangement of different interlocking mineral or metallic compounds, often with a honeycomb structure, the layers of which were a result of highly accurate layers stacked together to make interlocking blocks of iron like stone, he recalled on the site quote what I saw there began to seep into my brain like ice water jumbled about in haphazard fashion were acres of squared dressed and notched stones.

It was frightening standing on those broken ramparts with tumbling stones like a desecrated graveyard end quote. These unusual shards may be looking for a single, very massive thing, and they share characteristics with waffle rock, which is found.

These unusual things were previously part of a very ancient and now semi-fossilized extraterrestrial vessel in West Virginia. What David has uncovered might be another piece of the jigsaw in the waffle rock riddle. While unusual rocks made up of weird metals are frequently attributed to furnace activity, I hope that additional inquiry into this massive and confusing location is conducted.

How did this weird object get smashed into shards in an Oklahoma forest? The old Baltic Sea anomaly is another strange artifact constructed from a similar anomalous mineral metallic-like substance. Spacecraft from the past. We will keep you updated when further information on David and Sue’s covers becomes available.

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