How a High-Volume Scanner Can Increase Your Efficiency

Data accesibility, accuracy, and security are critical for any organization. Whether you’re a small nonprofit, a mid-sized business, or a large corporation, scanning equipment is key for achieving these goals. RICOH’s document digitization technologies place the capabilities you need within easy reach. No matter what your group’s needs, there’s a RICOH high capacity document scanner ready to meet them.

Ease of Use

Using a high-volume scanner isn’t rocket science. Thanks to RICOH’s intuitive functions and controls, models like the RICOH fi-8950 put simple and advanced scanning tasks within easy reach. Supporting both USB 3.2 and LAN network connections, it lets you a single user or a few hundred. With its color LCD touchscreen and PaperStream software, scanning is now accessible and hassle-free.

Expected High Volume & Speeds

As one of RICOH’s top-of-the-line scanners, the fi-8950 is made for busy offices and high-workload environments. Equipped with a 750-page ADF and boasting scanning speeds of up to 150 pages per minute, the 8950 significantly reduces the amount of time spent on each job. The 8950 can handle a whopping 130,000 sheets per day, easily supporting any size office.

Unmatched Accuracy and Clarity

Both image clarity and accuracy are vital for any document imaging task. RICOH’s Clear Image Capture exceeds industries standards with 3D color conversion, using 4,913 color levels to digitize documents. With this magnitude of precision, CIC leads to improved color accuracy. Its algorithms also inhibit color shifting and correct line distortion often caused by creased, crumpled, or folded sheets.

Besides increased clarity, CIC also ensures that optical character recognition works exactly as intended to boost data accuracy. While this is crucial for any scanned document, it’s especially important for medical records. Clear Image Capture is also included on the fi-8170, another high-volume model ideal as a hospital document scanner. Scanning up to 70 PPM and outfitted with a 100-sheet ADF,, the 8170 is more than capable of handling front desk, pharmacy, and other medical workflows.

Industry-Leading Paper Handling

Imaging accuracy also depends on how well a scanner handles incoming workflows. Both the fi-8950 and fi-8170 integrate paper handling features to reduce jamming and allow the best possible image capture:

  • Automatic Skew Correction: ASC detects skewed pages and straightens them before scanning.
  • Overlap Detection: Ultrasonic sensors determine if incoming pages are overlapping and stops the scan job, allowing you to fix the issue.
  • Length Detection: This feature senses the length of each page, preventing images from being cut off during scans.

The fi-8170 also features Intelligent Sonic Paper Processing and Image Monitoring, which prevents jams by monitoring incoming jobs with ultrasonic sensors. Meanwhile, the fi-8950 includes Stapled Documents Detection and Lag Detection to avert jams.

A Plethora of Options

RICOH’s fi-8950 and fi-8170 are just two examples of power, versatility, speed, and dependability. Other medical, financial, general office, and education scanner options include flatbed models like the fi-8270, fi-8250, and fi-7700 along with heavy-duty scanners like the fi-8930 and the fi-7900. Regardless of your specific document digitization needs, RICOH offers the capacity and power to handle them.

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